21st Century Blogging

Although a blog can be monitored as to its contents by its publisher, the primary purpose of the blog is usually to reach as broad an audience as possible with your blog content. The social networking post also reaches a general audience, although its content cannot be regulated to the same extent as the blog post. Both platforms have been in our lives now for over a decade. Initially, they were completely independent of each other, and its only in more recent times has it been realized that both mediums were seeking the same objective. The main aim of the blog is to get whatever it is you wish to portray out there to the masses for general viewing.

In other words, you want others to read what you have written in much the same way as the social networking site. The blog started life as the weblog, the name speaks for itself, a log recording the daily activities or thoughts of the writer over the web. Its name changed to blog, the shortened version of a weblog when its fame spread with the introduction of the free blogging services, Blogger, for example, became very popular. As we know now, blogging is no longer restricted to just someone conveying their thoughts to the rest of the world, it has become a significant player in the world of advertising used by marketers, politicians canvassing and even religious organizations use their blog for expressing their views about religion. The popularity of the blog has increased beyond all expectations, mainly because of its ease of use, its low running costs, the cost of initial setup is practically zero, and there is no computer degree required, neither do you have to be a graphic designer to get your blog looking professional.

The internet blogging service providers now have unlimited templates readily available to make the life of the Blogger even easier, fonts are easily interchangeable, and putting pictures and graphics into your blog is child’s play. Blogging is now the natural, ideal way to meet people from all corners of the globe, something that could not even be dreamed about just twenty years ago. This has all become very similar to the social networking sites, as the blogs have gone from mainly advertising to both advertising and socializing the social networking sites have gone into advertising, the two are now practically indistinguishable. As bloggers and marketers, we must use blogging platforms to their full potential.

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