5 Catalogs Printing Design Tips and Suggested Marketing Uses

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Format your catalog printing design to showcase the best of your products to your potential clients. Show more than just a list of products and services. Layout the catalog to showcase pictures that give your clients the need to know, better yet, have the product for themselves.

Although the catalog is more expensive than most of your advertising materials, it is a worthwhile investment. You and your clients can enjoy a long business relationship.

Here are some of the advantages of a catalog print:

• With big purchases, the customer needs plenty of time deciding, there is little chance the salesperson can convince him or her instantly. Perhaps, the customer visited a sales-personnel to ask a few questions but will wait to see other offers before making the decision. At this point, it is essential to maintain a foothold in your client’s consciousness, (because inevitably, the next salesman he visits would want to make sure you were forgotten). This is the best time to give him a catalog.

• The catalog acts as a portable salesman. It is a handy reminder of the product or service you are offering. At the end of the night, chances are, they can or will open the catalog and flip through the pages while deliberating on where to bring their business or spend their hard earned money.

• Clients can stare at the photographs, read the article several times, perhaps even show it to other people who can help make that crucial decision.

• The client may or may not buy from you even with a catalog, but imagine your chances of competing if you didn’t have one. The list can be one of your most aggressive sellers as it can be mailed and found in various homes. The catalogue may be expensive, but it is an investment a company serious about selling should make.

Catalog Design Tips and Suggestions
Good catalog design should follow the following guidelines. Although these are not rigid rules, these are standard and precautionary tips that will help you maximize your catalogs.

1. The catalog design should be impressive, but it should never be too remarkable to upstage your products and services. These are the stars of the show. Work with design elements and colors that enhance the products instead of competing with them.

2. Provide space for large glossy pictures. Although it is essential to include the product specifications, products in catalogs should be self-explanatory and can sell on face value.

3. Unless you intend to have your catalog focus on one object, avoid selling a multitude of products that need lengthy explanations. The number can and may eventually overwhelm your clients. Gauge how many pieces you want to highlight in a page, given the amount or size of catalogs that you opted for.

4. Group similar objects together. Start with cheaper, more popular items that are easier to buy and work your way up to more expensive, specialty items. Think of the small popular items as a warm-up; it encourages casual browsing through, perhaps to see how things cost nowadays. Knowing they can afford these items builds up their confidence in their purchasing power.

5. The meatiest and most sought after items should be placed in the middle so your readers can take a good look of the previous pages. They can scan and look at your other products before proceeding to your favorite item. In this manner, they know your product ranges better.

Follow these catalog printing design suggestions or refine them with your own experience. Sending out catalogs is an excellent way to tap into your repeat customers and to expand your market.

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