Advertising and Small Business: Should You?

For the larger multinational firms, the promotion was a no-brainer in several cases — it is what they had to do to maintain awareness of the brand and maintain top-of-mind.

This is particularly true when you supply your services and products into a large geographic region — not simply a neighborhood site.

In fact, there are numerous things inherent in advertisements that simply don’t make money and business sense for smaller businesses and support professionals.

1. Advertising Is Generally a mass medium

It follows that advertising is generally aimed at everybody — it is difficult to just”speak” into a niche market with advertisements. Due to the massive attention of TV, radio, magazines, and newspaper, small business owners are able to devote a good deal of wasted cash — advertisements to individuals that aren’t within their market target group.

2. Advertising is costly

, the expenses associated are usually high. To create, make and run a tv commercial may run you at the 6 — 7 figures; advertisements in national magazines may price from the thousands of thousands as well as radio advertisements can be a few thousand dollars.

3. Promotion does not allow for regular exposure

On account of the high cost of promotion and the restricted distance and time to buy, it is very expensive to market enough times to have noticed. We had a saying in the marketing world which you had to get a 3+ frequency — that meant a person required to see/hear your ad at least 3 days before they barely noticed it.

Within this media-saturated planet, we are living in, where we are bombarded with tens of thousands and tens of thousands of messages every day, advertising does not get our attention as it did in the previous times. If you’re able to only manage to run 1 magazine advertisement or a couple of radio advertisements, you are actually just throwing your cash.

4. Marketing does not possess the capacity for powerful follow-up and call-to-action

Getting someone’s attention is simply the first thing — then you want them to choose a particular action, like visit a site, pick up the telephone, see a place, etc. Since many times small business owners can only manage a little advertisement, there is not the distance or dimensions to summarize a definite call-to-action and following actions.

At the same time, follow-up is essential to converting prospects to clients as well as the cost and lead time of marketing does not allow for much followup in any way. Again, prospective customers are lost as a result of marketing’s inability to give follow-up.

The promotion has its own place and may work for smaller companies, but there are several more cost-effective and high-impact advertising and marketing strategies which you could use to acquire a return on investment much faster, economically and consistently.

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