The Advertising

”; Searching for cheapest yet most effective ways to advertise your business can be a daunting task. There are AL OT of options out there – and even MORE sales people knocking down your door trying to convince you that their medium is the “best”. The thought of strategically placing interns armed with sales person targeted teasers around […]

Advertising In Business

”; If you are thinking about hiring a firm to handle your advertising, you need to think carefully. You are paying someone else to think, first of all. and if you are the person that busted her butt to get where you are, maybe you should be doing the majority of the thinking. Those firms are very expensive […]

The Taxy Advertising Scorecard Advantage

A taxy advertising scorecard should include all metrics that would best measure and evaluate the response of target customers towards their advertising messages. Advertising is commonly defined as the communication relayed to potential customers on products and services coming from different suppliers. Organizations, both profit-oriented and non-profits, spend large amounts of money on advertising for different reasons. In […]

Secret Advertising Weapons

”; Everyone is looking for a quick and easy advertising method that doesn’t cost too much and produces big results. It may sound like a dream come true, but really promotional items fit the bill when it comes to inexpensive advertising with a big bang. Promotional products are so profitable that they are used by businesses big and […]

3 Effective Strategies To Get More Prospects To Read Your Ad Till The End

There are 3 major differences where direct marketing, also known as relationship marketing veers sharply away from traditional marketing and advertising.   You’ll see why it’s the most cost effective method any business can do. But especially small business because let’s face it – we’ll never have the money to throw at marketing and advertising that BIG business does.