Creating An Email List For Your Marketing Campaign

Once you have got your blog or site up and running, you need someone to look at it! It may seem a little unbelievable, but there are a few beginners that think that by getting their website or blog published and live on the internet they have finished, all you do then is wait for the money to start rolling in, uh! Uh! No way. This is the time when you have to put the time and effort in. In the vast majority of cases, you are going to need “traffic” (the people who hopefully look at your site and buy your product). With this traffic, you are going to build what is known as an email list or more commonly just called your “list.” Many marketers are very wary of email marketing as they believe all email marketing campaigns are purely scammed. However, this is just not true, by not using email as part of your marketing campaigns you can be losing out on a great deal of business.

By not using email marketing, you can lose out to those who do. The following is what I believe to be a sensible way to go about email marketing. Please note, these are only my view’s and others may think differently. These are some of the more popular options for ways to go about email marketing and may help you learn a little more about what is acceptable and what is not. If you do decide to use email as part of your marketing strategy to promote your business, the first thing you need to do is compile an email distribution list.

This list should contain the email addresses to which you will be sending your advertising and promotional materials. If you are starting or have not been internet marketing for long, you obviously will not have created an email list. One of the most popular and probably the easiest way to obtain your list is to buy one. I don’t recommend this. It’s usually not very useful, there is no way of knowing who is on the list, and you will not know what their interests are, they may have absolutely no interest what-so-ever in your product or service.

You need your email recipients to be part of your target audience. A purchased email may list may well contain a few people who have an interest in your product or service, but this will be pure coincidence and probably won’t do you any favours as it was not requested by the recipient and will likely be deleted as spam without even being opened never mind being read. I firmly believe the best way to create your “list” for your marketing campaign is to ask your present customers along with potentially interested customers to register through a form on your website. For registering through your website you can offer in additional return information, updates about your products and services, gifts, e-books, etc. and any other information that may be of interest to them.

Ensure the information or tips you give away are of high quality and useful. This will ensure your customers are happy with the information they receive and won’t hesitate in giving their email address and other details you require from them. This way of building your “list” may take considerably longer than some of the different methods used, but you will find you have faithful customers for life. If you give your customers the respect, they deserve and keep using high-quality products and services you will find they will keep returning to your site and purchase your products knowing they are getting value for money. As your list grows, you may want to start an e-newsletter to distribute to your list or send regular emails to your list.

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