Freud and the Small Business Owner

Freudian Clips…

Back in 1923, Sigmund Freud authored a newspaper known as The Ego and the Id, that is an analytical analysis of the human mind. Called the Structural Theory, this concept categorizes mental conditions into three branches: the Id, the Super-Ego, along with the Ego. The Ego functions as the mediator between the Id and the Super-Ego and takes into consideration external variables to derive a very clear perspective of reality.The concept has spurred much debate in the scientific community, but the idea is firmly seated in college psychology courses since a higher-education staple.

Whether Freud nailed it using all the Structural Theory is open to debate (one that I will let larger brains than mine believe!) But most people can relate to those 3 personas and know somebody who matches every one of those profiles. The Super-Ego-like individual is extremely risk-averse, wants to get near-perfect information prior to making a determination, rather than, ever, swims till at least 30 minutes after ingestion. The Ego-like individual has pushed and is prepared to take risks, but attempts to comprehend situations sufficient to take calculated risks rather than absurd risks.

While reading this, you might have thought of a friend or relative who matches each of the above-mentioned classes. You might have also slotted yourself as being mostly Id, Super-Ego, or even Ego-like. Additionally, it can be situational to where you’re more Id-like in certain scenarios even though you are somewhat more Super-Ego-like others. As this especially applies to starting and running your small business, It’s vitally important that you identify if you’re more Id, Super-Ego, or even Ego-like which you balance who you’re with other people that fit into the other types; hence the following maxim:

Small companies require a mix of Id, Ego, and Super-Ego personas to become prosperous.

So as it pertains to you personally, are you more of an Id throws caution to the end without considering consequences? Or are you like the risk-averse Super-Ego who desires perfect info to create a determination? Then again, perhaps you’re not certain. If you would prefer a much better view on where you drop from the little business owner spectrum, then have a look at this Amazon Short in

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