Gemstone Powers Classified


Plenty of women and men are fascinated with the narrative and historic lore behind a gemstone. Some people now think gemstones have a healing power inside them that might improve your life. Some gems improve the concentration and allow you to study faster while other stones let you improve your confidence and remain stronger in life. It is common sense of the people behind these notions stones and crystals possess the ability to absorb and transmit energy. Negative energies can be pumped up with a couple crystals but others have a feeling about people who carry a more favorable energy that protects you.

Each gemstone has its own energy that might help you in some way:

Money Stones: This rock can allow you to enhance your riches and keep the money flowing into your path. Cases of money stones are citrine, malachite, jade and malachite.

Electricity Stones: helps enhance the inner peace and enjoyment. Keep them in your pockets when you are at a time that you do not know what direction your life is all about. Examples of these gemstones are amethyst, fluorite, blue quartz and Chalcedony.

Birth Stones: The power of a few crystals is only activated during specific phases of this year. These so-called birthstones are connected to a month of the season.

– January: Rose Quartz

– February: Amethyst

– March: Aquamarine

– April: Diamond

– May: Emerald

– June: Moonstone

– July: Ruby

– August: Peridot

– September: Lapis Lazuli

– October: Garnet

– November: Tiger Eye

– December: Hematite

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