How to Create and Use Your List Of Reasons For Selling Your Home

So, you need a plan. Start with a pen and paper, and get busy writing a list of all the reasons you need to sell a house now. Did you recently inherit a home that you don’t need? Do you want to move away? Look closely at your list. Read the items out loud to yourself in the mirror. Look into the mirror and watch yourself like you’d watch news reporter, and pay attention to the severe news you’re giving yourself.

I am not kidding! These days you need to be dangerous to sell a house, and the first person you have to convince is the person you see in the mirror! Next, you’re going to make another list, and this is the more difficult of the two files. This list includes everything you are willing to do to sell a house by owner. Yes, by yourself. You can place ads online, and you can also show the home yourself. You can chat with your neighbors and strangers you meet at the grocery store to find out if they know anyone who is looking for a home in your area.

There’s no doubt you can do it all yourself! None of these tasks are, but most people would rather pay somebody else to do the work. They are too shy or too lazy to talk to neighbors and even strangers when they need to sell a house. You have got what it takes to get your home sold if you want to accomplish the goal without paying an agent. Just do it! If you need some help, consider “Plan B,” which is my label for hiring a real estate agent to help you with all the work involved in selling a house. My Plan B is the plan where you choose to delegate part of your tasks required to sell your home.

Starting with interviewing at least three different real estate brokers, (and remember, you are hiring a person to do part of your job, so you want the right person for the job) select the person who is committed to doing the job for you. Read me carefully here; I said, “committed.” Simply being willing is not the same thing. Genuine commitment on the part of an agent means he or she is willing to work diligently for you. It means making a promise and keeping that promise to the letter!

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