How To Judge A Home Buyer’s Qualifications

Here’s an example: “I am going to miss all the cabinets in the laundry room and the built-in sprinkler system that pops up to water all the beautiful landscaping.” Now that is the perfect bait for somebody who will want to see my home and very likely buy my house when she sees it. She has a mental picture already formed, and she’s excited to come over and see her mental picture come to life. People are attached to their mental images, and you’d be well-advised to assist them in their natural process. It’s going to happen anyway, so help things along to get your buyer motivated. Painting a mental word picture is what happens in all the advertising we see and hear every day.

It’s what novelists do to keep us turning pages of their bestsellers, too. That’s why I use the same technique when I want someone to buy my home. Since I buy a lot of homes because I’m a real estate investor and that’s my business, buying and selling homes, I am thinking about my future buyer when I am purchasing a home in the first place. I look at each home through the eyes of my prospective buyers because those are the people I will need to attract someday. If I am excited to a particular house for specific reasons, unique features as well as the basic layout and location, I make notes to use when I market the home for sale someday.

You might be surprised to know that I often make use of those notes sooner rather than later! I may do some remodeling work along with general cleaning, painting, and re-carpeting, but sometimes I put a home back on the market within a couple of weeks. That’s when my notes come in handy for sure. Most buyers will need to qualify for financing, so I usually take back-up offers as well. If a buyer is prepared to pay me cash, that gets my attention, and I am motivated to close the transaction so she can buy my home quickly and I can move on to my next project.

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