Is Internet Marketing More Newbie Friendly Today Than It Used To Be?

A newbie is someone who is a newcomer. It is not a negative term as it relates to Internet marketing because all of us have been newbies at one time or another. When I started in Internet marketing ten years ago, the emphasis was put on building an email list. You didn’t hear much about niche marketing, and social media had not been invented yet. Today it’s straightforward to build a website using the WordPress blogging platform.

It’s so easy even a newbie can do it. You do not hear as much about email marketing as you did five or 10 years ago. However, the most successful Internet marketers understand that building an email list from day one is an integral part of Internet marketing success. Social media details many things. Social networking has caught on.

How many people do you know that do not have a Facebook account? The same thing is somewhat exact for Twitter and other lesser known social networks like LinkedIn. I think we all knew video marketing was going to become very big when Google purchased YouTube back in 2006. It has, but that does not make it newbie friendly. Creating a video and getting it online takes skills. As a way to make money, blogging has had its ups and downs. I like setting up a blog as a primary website with a static homepage.

The downside to blogging is maintaining the blog consistently with fresh content. From a newbie’s point of view, if you have a little money, you can hire a blog writer and publish your content in advance, which is very easy to do. Affiliate marketing has matured as a business model. This is a very user-friendly way for newbies to get started making money without their product. Google Adsense continues to dominate as an income stream. Today there are WordPress themes that are very newbie friendly to Google Adsense. Outsourcing may be one of the best strategies a newbie can take advantage of.

Ultimately paying people to do things in your business is the fastest way to become successful. In my opinion of Internet marketing is not easier or harder for a newbie to get started in today that it has been in the past. Ultimately you need to develop a few Internet marketing skills, including traffic generation.

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