Online Marketing Is One Of The Best Things To Happen To Small Business Owners

It doesn’t matter how big or small the business is either. Finding ways to get more traffic to your company website is the key to success. This doesn’t mean that small business owners are moving 100% away from of-line marketing strategies. Direct mail, newspaper, radio, and local cable television still provide a useful strategy for promoting any business. The one exception to that might be the local yellow pages.

Where I live south of Denver, it is incredible to me how many people throw these away without ever looking at them. Very few people I talk even to use Yellow Pages anymore. Almost everyone searches the Internet to find things today. Some of them do it on their computer, while others are using their mobile phones more often. Even retired people are getting the hang of it.

Anyone can learn how to look things up online. One of the significant benefits local business owners have with Internet marketing is the ability to react quickly to what’s going on in the marketplace. This is another reason why yellow pages no longer work. You can make changes to your website and have those online in a matter of minutes. If you are doing pay per click advertising, you can alter your ads for your targeted keyword phrases based on what your competitors are doing as well.

If you find one strategy is working for generating traffic, you can increase that and quickly get more visitors to your website. Social media has played a significant role in this. One other thing I like about Internet marketing for local businesses is the ability to track results. Google Analytics makes it very easy to see what kind of advertising is working and what is not. In the past, you had to rely on a secretary taking a survey on the phone, or a salesperson asking the customer where did you hear about us? Although this provided some critical data, it was mostly incomplete because as people got busy, they never took the time to find out where people heard about the company from.

There are still small business owners who do not have a website. They are the ones that are missing out! At this point, there is no doubt Internet marketing is one of the best things that’s ever happened to local business owners!

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