The Ideal Way to Wrap Classified Packages – A Guide For FSO’s


The National Industrial Security Program charges defeated builders with protecting classified data. This policy goes through all phases of contracts and throughout the entire duration of the classification. Protection also includes the reception, storage, dissemination, and destruction of the information.

Dissemination is a significant part protecting classified info as the classified info renders the restriction of their rid small business enterprise. Whether couriered, delivered, or delivered, it is removed from a busted centre and will have to prepare yourself in a means to safeguard the information from unauthorized disclosure.

before sending classified info the FSO must make certain it’s double wrapped with newspaper that’s opaque to preclude casual observation of their classification markers and contents. The inner wrapper is signaled with the perfect classification, provided a speech with sender and addressee indicated, and secured on all fins.

Additionally, a receipt should be included with the inner wrap to indicate that the contents, sender, and addressee. No classified information should appear on the receipt. Though the NISPOM directs SECRET and more than deliveries to include a reception, it is a fantastic practice also to deliver a reception with CONFIDENTIAL info. Receipts should be signed by the addressee as soon as they inspect the transport. The external wrapper should not include a classification and has to be addressed to the security department or FSO featuring all the classified mailing address.

The information supplied below will prove useful as a list for transmitting classified info:


* Stamp opaque envelop with best classification in addition to other crucial restrictive markings. * Label with recipient company name and address, ATTN: Recipient’s name or section, department, mail stop, etc. * Seal all seams with opaque tamper-proof tape * Include two copies of reception indoors or connected to inner opaque partitioning


* Label opaque envelop with classified mailing address ATTN: FSO * Seal with opaque tamper-proof tape covering each seams. * Classification or other restrictive markings are not annotated on outer envelope.

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