Top Tips For Advertising a Freelance Writing Business For Results

Starting a writing business is quick and easy with little overhead. The problem occurs on the marketing end. Most new writers find themselves at a stand still when it comes to marketing their writing services. Whether you are writing articles on your own or outsourcing them, your number one goal should be to get the most clients as possible for your online writing business. Here are some tips for effectively marketing your online writing business:

Business Cards- Believe it or not, business cards still works and is a cheap way to advertise your business. There are a lot of people in your local environment that need writing services. These includes insurance companies, health care facilities and much more. They may need you to research a topic and write a policy guideline or to write a business letter. The key is to have a website on the business card in order for potential clients to see your writing samples.

Create a Website- Most of your clients will be online, so you will need to have a nice website in order to market your skills and services. Make sure to include writing samples, contact information, the topics you cover and your prices. It does help to have an order contact form so that clients can get qoutes and request writing assignments. You can get a free contact form html code at

Forums- This method is free and is quite effective for gaining clients. For one, many webmasters already hang out at forums to find fresh content. Content marketplaces are also a good way to find webmasters and clients. The best content marketplace on the web is Constant-Content. These type of sites are better for selling pre-written articles rather than selling your writing services.

Freelance Writing Gig Sites-There are writing boards where people include jobs and gigs. You must be careful about wheening out the scammers from people who are truly interested in working with writers. Never use Craigslist as it is a breeding ground for scammers trying to get a free article out of writers.

Blog Commenting- Making blog comments are perfect for gaining clients. A blog owner may need writing services or a guest blogger. Many writers have been successful doing this and gained clients as well. You can leave your contact after stating you like the blog and that you offer writing services. The key is to keep the message personal and not make it seem like a “sales pitch”.

Email Marketing- Email marketing is still very effective if you make your messages personal and only message a targeted audience. Where will you find your email addresses? Classified ads are the perfect spot for finding email addresses. They usually act as a ‘free lead’ site rather than an effective advertising tool. Most people use online classifieds to get traffic, but most of the time, it is ineffective. You can offer them fresh unique content so they can put on their website to get more search engine traffic.

Some things to look out for: Everyone once in a while, you will get the occassional email back: “Hi, I am interested in using your services. Please call me at 555-2222 so we can further discuss this. Thank you.” If you get a call like this, run the other way. This person is trying to get a free lunch. What will happen is they will ask you a bunch of questions that has nothing to do with your writing services. These questions will be about how you go about Internet marketing online and how they can get more traffic to their site. You are not a consulting service, you only offer content, and this is what you should tell them. Give them the url to your site, and if they are interested in making a content requestFree Articles, they should email you with a writing request.


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